When people think about main streets and downtowns, they don’t think of the ripple effect. The amenities that are on Main Street, the specialty retail and the architecture and all that, are what drives people wanting to live there and build homes there and move their corporations there. All of that is the Main Street, the historic part of town—it’s the honey to all the bees. We need to save small-town America, man. Because that’s the roots of our country.”      Mike Wolfe of the TV show American Pickers

2021 Leadership Partners

City of Tucumcari

Quay County Government 

Tucumcari Federal Savings and Loan

CW & Dee McMullen Community Foundation 

What is Tucumcari MainStreet?

Who we are....

Tucumcari MainStreet is an organization of people who care about their town including businesses, residents, property owners and nonprofit organizations.  If you want more for your community, YOU are one of us!

What we do....

We carry the banner of a better life.  Tucumcari MainStreet works through the Main Street Four-Point Approach which looks at Economic Positioning, Design, Organization and Promotion to create a better city for you.  Our goal is to preserve our historical resources, encourage well-rounded lifestyles and to leave Tucumcari better than we found it.

Where we are going....

Tucumcari MainStreet wants to create the best community possible.  We don't strive to be like any other town, but to lead and have other towns want to be like us. We want more business, more arts, great events, more people to support our cause and anything else that will make Tucumcari the very best it can be!

How we get there....

Tucumcari MainStreet is able to provide programs that benefit the community through the support of the City of Tucumcari, financial institutions, small business, an annual appropriation from the Lodgers' Tax Advisory Board and investments by community members like you.

You'll see many familiar MainStreet Partner logos below!

See Why Main Streets Are So Important To All Our Local Communities

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    Where to find us

We are located at the north end of the town's business district, inside the renovated Tucumcari Railroad Depot.  The MainStreet District is home to a number of boutique and multi-generational specialty stores and financial institutions. 

  Tucumcari MainStreet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.                                     100 W. Railroad Avenue, Tucumcari, NM 88401

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