Our Story

In early 2007, a group of community leaders realized that the original downtown regions of Tucumcari had been deteriorating rapidly, and in order to save this historical and critical portion of the city something needed to be done immediately.  From this realization and by necessity, a committee of business leaders and residents started to create a revised vision for the City, and as part of this new vision, the New Mexico Main Street organization was contacted and discussion ensued to identify a strategy for rehabilitating the downtown. 

Articles of Incorporation were written and implemented in April 2007 with the express purpose of encouraging, fostering and stimulating the preservation of downtown Tucumcari by:

  1. Acquainting and informing the public about the unique architectural heritage represented in downtown and about the appropriate methods for the rehabilitation of buildings.
  2. Encouraging the improvement of, and better maintenance for the infrastructure in downtown.
  3. Promoting community pride and civic interest.
  4. Providing educational opportunities or community leaders and businesses to encourage the retention and renovation of structures to preserve the nature of the downtown corridor, and
  5. Combating the economic causes of deterioration by acquainting and educating local businesses about progressive and sound business practices. 

As this initiative began gaining positive momentum, an application for tax exempt status was filed with the Internal Revenue Service and we received our 501(c)3 nonprofit status in late September of this same year.  Our official relationship with the New Mexico Main Street began with filing an application requesting to be recognized as one of their Start-Up Programs in 2008.  Grounded in the National Main Street 4-Point Approach, our program's volunteers focused their efforts on Design, Organization, Economic Restructuring and Promotion.  Both these committees and the MainStreet Board of Directors established these programs that would begin to move Tucumcari forward toward recovery and future growth.

With both excellent local leadership and the strategic services provided by the State organization, Tucumcari MainStreet gained Certified Main Street status the following year.  Our organization is governed by the broad-based Board of Directors and typically features the four active standing committees as identified above.  Our organization employs a full-time, paid Executive Director who works in partnership with local volunteers to implement the work of the MainStreet organization.



  Tucumcari MainStreet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.                                      100 W. Railroad Ave, PO Box 736, Tucumcari, NM 88401 

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